The Voices


Mac Beauvais is a true renaissance woman, or whenever it was that witches were burned at the stake. Not one for standing idly by as the world spins, she occupies her time as an actor, writer, model, cosplayer, Tarot reader, and werewolf-enthusiast. (Some may say she’s even a little too enthusiastic.) She is also a tabletop GM for several Twitch streams, running games such as Phoenix: Dawn Command, Werewolf: The Wild West, Teenagers from Outer Space, and Monsterhearts. She says she’ll sleep when she’s dead, but anyone who knows her also knows that’s a lie.


Michelle Otis loves to perform. She always has, ever since her kindergarten solo of “The Lollipop Tree.” She holds a B.A. in Music and Theatre from University of La Verne, and a M.Mus. in Choral Conducting from CSU Los Angeles. She is a singer, a teacher, a composer, and an actor. She composes most of the music for Plate Mail Games and has a blast doing so. Michelle is also an enthusiastic roleplayer, who has been playing RPGs ever since her dad brought home his first set of Dungeons & Dragons books when she was little. She is married to Wes Otis, who really lucked out because he got a wife who loves horror and action movies and hates romcoms. 


Teri Gamble is an international performing artist and drama coach. She garnered her B.A. in Theater Arts from UCLA. While at UCLA, she had the honor of training in Great Britain at the University of East Anglia through the UC Study Abroad Program. After completing her B.A., she worked in the greater Los Angeles area in local theater, film, and television. Her desire to take her craft to the next level led her to the MFA Acting program at the American Repertory Theater/Moscow Art Theater Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University, where she performed on international stages from Los Angeles to Moscow, Boston, and New York.


Aabria Iyengar was born in the city of Greyhawk, the daughter of powerful wizards. She grew up with a great sense of adventure and, after graduating from wizard school, set out to find her fortune. Her favorite spells are fireball, plain shift and fly. She enjoys holding the still beating heart of her enemies and nice walks in the park. When not slinging spells, Aabria is writing, acting and creating. You can also find her of HyperRPG, Happy Jacks and Saving Throw. Her battle cry is "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA" 


Wes Otis has been running games since the original red box for basic D&D came out. His love of gaming grew, and he started playing Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, and anything else he could get his hands on. He is also a sound designer with 20 years of experience. He has worked on television and film, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, Go!, and The Emperor’s New School. 


Past Voices

Kelsey Osborne is a character actor and voice actor based in Los Angeles, and yes, she really is a Socialist. Kelsey has been playing RPGs for over 10 years, drawn to games that use imagination and teamwork. She completed the Improv program at UCB and has performed at UCB, Second City, and the Comedy Central Stage at The Hudson.  Kelsey specializes in voiceover work and can be heard on podcasts and internet videos. She has also narrated a large collection of exciting audiobooks. You can find her plethora of audiobook work on Audible and iTunes.