Maggie Cooper

Maggie is a Socialist looking to help the working class people of London after growing up in extreme poverty in the East End. As a sex worker, she's seen the very worst of the class system. Maggie works at the Rose Petal, a worker owned brothel, something she is quick to point out. But even if everyone is equal in her eyes, those that work there often look to Maggie for leadership. Other brothels in the area see her as a threat. Owners scoff at the idea of sharing profits with workers. 

Ethel Pre


Alizé Cariou

Alizé  is the owner of Curiouser & Curiosities. She is a woman looking for love at the edge of her marrying years. Already a spinster to many at 25, Alizé fights anxiety every day while navigating 1890s Victorian high society. An only child, Alizé grew up in the shadow of a larger-than-life father who went on many adventures, leaving her at home with her mother who never questioned her husband's decisions. Instead she focused on Alizé, tending to her every need and "protecting" her from the real world.


Eugenia Penbottom of the Lancashire Penbottoms

Eugenia is the wife of General William Penbottom, a wealthy war hero of the Anglo-Zulu War. Euginia dresses according to her station, tends to the house staff, and the needs of her husband. Many would envy her life of privilege, but she has grown tired of her gilded cage. Eugenia is naive about the outside world but is a master of the workings of the upper class. She joined the Royal London Spiritualism Society hoping for a change, but expecting more of the same.


Ethel Prenderghast

Darkness follows Ethel. It's as if death itself is tethered to her. Inflicting tragedy in an effort to break her spirit. The thunderstorms of life seem always present. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Hardship came early for Ethel. Her alcoholic father beat her mother regularly, and Ethel turned 10, he tried to molest her. Her mother knew what he was planning and put herself between them, paying with her life, but allowing Ethel to escaped. His father was never charged. He was a well liked veteran of the Civil War in the area and his connections in law enforcement looked the other way. He even went to his wife's funeral, standing a few feet from his daughter, who was under her grandparent's care by then.