Here you will find descriptions for our miniseries and one-shots. We love trying out systems and some times these shorter forms are great way to get a feel for them. If a show is really liked, we may even go back to it and run more adventures. 

Heliotrope follow eco-hackers as they try to save Delphie, the last know city of humanity, from those who run it. This cyberpunk game uses the Hack the Planet system.

Cast: Michelle Otis Pooja Sharma, Mac Beauvais J. Holtham and Wes Otis. GM Aabria IyengarAudio by Plate Mail Games 

Ashwood is a Fear itself game that uses the Gumshoe system. Deep in the woods of Washington is a state of the art medical facility known as Ashwood. Here people from all of the world come to deal with their pain and addictions. But Ashwood has a horrific past, and that past is coming to life in it's hall once again.  

Cast: Michelle Otis, Pooja Sharma, Aabria Iyengar, and Nick Levy GM Wes Otis. Audio by Plate Mail Games 

The world is full with supernatural beings. Demigods are at the center of the action as devine ambassadors. We used the Demigods rpg for this devine tale!


Cast: Michelle OtisAabria Iyengar Wes Otis and Mac Beauvais, GM and game designer Jason Mills. Audio by Plate Mail Games 

Galactic Squad: Alpha is a space adventure that uses Fate Core. Follow the crew of the Starship Leavitt as they explore deep space. 


CastMichelle OtisTeri GambleMac Beauvais and Kelsey Osborne Gm Wes Otis Audio by Plate Mail Games 

Frangipane P.I. follows the Frangipane sisters who are tired of being bakers and want something more out of life. Their family doesn't get it, especially their dad, who was hoping to hand the bakery off to them one day. Everything changes when Headskull the troll asks them to find out if his wife was stepping out on him, and with that first case, the the Frangipane Investigatorium was born. This show uses the Steve Jackson's GURPS Discworld setting. It is a fun fan letter full of love to the late great Terry Pratchett. 

CastMichelle OtisTeri GambleMac Beauvais and Kelsey Osborne Gm Wes Otis Audio by Plate Mail Games