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Agent's Dossier is our special thank you to our Ko-fi supporters. It follows Delta Green Agents as they try and protect the public from Mythos threats. Like all our shows, it's fully produced with music and effects. Become a Patreon member today to start listening. 


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Other World Seattle is the second Other World series and is set in 1990s Seattle, one hundred years in the future from Other World London. The world has changed in so many ways, but there are still things lurking in the dark, waiting to cross over into our world. This story uses Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. 

Season 1 & 2 Cast (Ep 1-20)

Unquiet Blood Season 2 Cast.jpg
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 Bookhound Bounty Hunters uses Pelgrane Press Swords of the Serpentine setting. Sometimes, when a really important book goes missing, the Bookhounds have to retrieve it, get fees, and sometimes take a life. 

Season 1 (Ep 1-10)

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Unquiet Blood Season one is set in present day San Diego and centers around a group of Anarch vampires who just gained control of the city from the Camarilla. Winning the city was only the beginning though, now they must run it. Outside forces are trying to force them to fail. Season two is set in 1970s LA and tells the story of rise of Isabow from season one and the Nosferatu. This story uses Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition.

Season 1 Cast (Ep 1-10)

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Season 2 Cast (Ep 11-20) 

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Unquiet Blood Hellfire Website card.jpg

Unquiet Blood Hellfire is set in San Francisco right after the events of Unquiet Blood Season 1. In this story, the vampires of the Hellfire Club ready to open only to find out another club is opening near by. The plot thickens when a dead vampire is left at the Hellfire door. This story uses Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition.

Season 1 Cast (Ep 1-11)

The Foundling Cast_edited.jpg
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The Foundlings is our City of Mist Actual Play where we play a group of adult foster kids looking for our kidnapped foster mother. As we dig into her disappearance we find that the factions of The City are being pulled a part by an unseen puppet master. City of Mist is published by Oak Games Studios

Season 1 Cast (Ep 1-10)

The Foundling Cast_edited.jpg
Dead Drop Title Card 1080.jpg

Dead Drop Is a Night's Black Agents actual Play that follows a group of spies who discover that vampires are real. They must fight together to stop this conspiracy. Night's Black Agent's is published by Pelgrane Press.

Season 1 Cast (Ep 1-10)

Dead Drop Cast.jpg
Steam City BW_edited.jpg

Steam City uses Wizards of the Coast Eberron setting with the 5E rules set. A great inventor has been reported missing and more than likely  dead and our party has been tasked to find out why! Can anyone become an adventurer? We're going to find out in Steam City!

Season 1 Cast (Ep 1-9) 

Unquiet Blood Season 2 Cast.jpg
Blades Of Eversink Logo.jpg

Blades of Eversink uses Pelgrane Press Swords of the Serpentine setting. It follows the exploits of sell sword friends in the city of Eversink.

Season 1 Cast (Ep 1-6)

Blades of Eversink Cast.jpg
Other World London Promo 1_pe.jpg

Other World London is the first adventure by Twelve Sided Stories. Set in 1890s London, this story follows a group of eccentric women who are members of the Royal London Spiritualism Society. Each woman brings something unique to the group as they work together to solve the haunting mysteries that seem to find them everywhere.  This story uses Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. 

Season 1 & 2 Cast (Ep 1 to 24)

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Season 3 Cast (Ep 25-36)

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We play a lot of games, including shorter stories!

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